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All You Need To Know About Las Vegas Airport Taxis

Every year, millions of people travel from around the world to Las Vegas for gambling, to see superstar performers on stage, and to soak up the desert sun while relaxing and enjoyed great food, drink and shopping options. Most international travelers arrive via McCarran International Airport, also known by its International Air Transport Association code of LAS.

Once passengers arrive at the airport, they have a few different transportation options for getting to the Las Vegas Strip where most of the huge casinos and hotels are located, or to the city’s downtown and other destinations. Options for the relatively brief journey include renting a car, taking a rideshare service such as Uber, buying a ticket for a bus, or using a taxi.

The airport is 7.1 miles (about 11.4 kilometers) from Las Vegas, and the ride takes about 20 minutes depending on where you’re heading in the city. Riding in a taxi can be a great idea because you will have complete privacy, your luggage will be secure in the car’s trunk, and the driver will drop you off outside the front door of your hotel or other accommodation.

If you’re planning a visit to Las Vegas, check out the information below for all the details you need to know about taking a taxi from the airport into the city. It will help you to plan the journey in advance so that you can ensure a safe and smooth start to your vacation.

Where to find taxis at Las Vegas Airport

There are two locations at the airport where you can get a ride from licensed taxis: outside of Terminal 1 by the baggage claim, and outside Terminal 3 on Level Zero.

After your flight has landed and you have retrieved your bags, simply look for the signs within the airport that point in the direction of the taxi pickup areas and you can get a ride there. If you can’t find these signs, an airport staff member should be able to help you.

As an alternative to hailing a taxi once you’ve arrived at the airport, you can book your ride in advance online or by telephone and a driver will be waiting for you after your flight lands.

Fares, distance and journey times

Taxis from Las Vegas Airport operate on a metered basis, which means you’ll be charged based on the length and duration of the ride to your hotel or wherever else you are staying. The average taxi fare from the airport to downtown Las Vegas will be between $25 and $40.

But there is an exception if you are staying at one of the hotels located within what are called Airport Zones. Taxi rides to and from the airport within these designated areas are charged not by a meter but using a flat rate, with prices ranging from roughly $15 up to $30.

The duration of your taxi ride will also depend on where exactly you’re staying in Las Vegas, but depending on time of day you travel, you should be able to get into the city in about 20 minutes.

You are not required to pay your taxi driver a tip, however it is advised to give them at least a few dollar bills as a thank you if they provide a safe and smooth ride to your destination.

ARIA $20.20 Paradise/Swenson
BALLY’S $21.20 Paradise/Swenson
CAESAR’S $21.95 Paradise/Swenson
CIRCUS CIRCUS $28.90 Las Vegas Blvd
COSMOPOLITAN $22.15 Las Vegas Blvd
THE CROMWELL $19.30 Paradise/Swenson
FLAMINGO $19.75 Paradise/Swenson
HARRAH’S $21.20 Paradise/Swenson
LUXOR $18.25 Las Vegas Blvd
MANDALAY BAY $20.05 Las Vegas Blvd
MGM $16.40 Paradise/Swenson
MIRAGE $23.65 Paradise/Swenson
MONTE CARLO $20.05 Las Vegas Blvd
PALACE STATION $27.63 Paradise/Swenson
PARIS $21.00 Las Vegas Blvd
RIO $25.35 Las Vegas Blvd
RIVIERA $26.80 Las Vegas Blvd
STRATOSPHERE $25.00 Paradise/Swenson
THE LINQ $21.68 Paradise/Swenson
TREASURE ISLAND $25.75 Las Vegas Blvd
VENETIAN $26.45 Las Vegas Blvd
WYNN $22.00 Paradise/Swenson
BELLAGIO $21.95 Paradise/Swenson
Initial Activation of taximeter: $3.50
Each additional 1/12 mile: $0.23
Waiting time per hour: $32.40
McCarran Property (each pick up): $2.00
3% Excise tax will be added to all rates and fees

Las Vegas Airport

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