Las Vegas Airport Transportation

There are quite a few transportation options one could use to travel from the Las Vegas airport. These include rental cars, taxis, buses, and even old fashioned walking. It is important to first consider how much travelling will be required so that you can choose the most convenient mode of transportation.


Taxis are a fast mode of transportation if you want to go to your hotel room. It will take you approximately 30 minutes or even less to get to your hotel room. You will be happy to know that there is no shortage of taxis at the airport. The taxi line moves quickly thus making taxis the ultimate mode of transportation when you are in a hurry. The initial charge when you are riding from the airport is $3.30 and an additional tax of $1.20. You will then pay $2.20 per mile. In total, if you are going to the south end of the Strip you will pay $11, $14 to the central Strip, and$20 to downtown.

Car rental companies

All car rental companies are in one giant building that is only 3 miles from the airport and free shuttles that depart from the airport after every five minutes from door 10 and 11 help travelers to access this building. Each and every car rental company owns a kiosk where travelers can get desired information. Movement in and out of these kiosks is quite efficient but the whole process can take around thirty minutes even on a good day.

Shuttles and limousines

Shuttles and limousines are another mode of transportation offered at the airport. You can catch one of these at the west side of the airport at the baggage claims area outside door 8 to 13. Shuttles are affordable as their charges are $5-$6 to hotels at the Strip; you will be charged a few more dollars if you are going to a hotel that is off the Strip. You should however be prepared to wait as the shuttles do not leave until they are full and this could take up to an hour. The limo services charge around $42 per hour. A limo can actually be cheaper than a taxi if you are going on a long trip and if you book one in advance — a driver carrying a sign with your name will meet you at the baggage claim area.

Public transportation

Public transportation is not popular in Las Vegas and even the locals only take the bus out of necessity. There are two citizen-area transit bus routes for travelers; the route 108 follows Swenson to Las Vegas Hilton and route 109 is up to Maryland Parkway. Take note that these buses travel directly to the Las Vegas Strip or downtown. To travel from the south end to downtown you will need to catch a double-decker deuce at the Strip and tickets are $2 each way. The bus fare is $1.25 and you must have the exact change.

Las Vegas Airport

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